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Welcome to Sense of Italy's comments page. We pride ourselves on professionalism and total customer service and thanks to our policy, we have recently been awarded as a 'Best Travel Agent' by the global renowned Zicasso company.

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Julie W.

From the very first time I contacted Guiliana, the service was exceptional.  Quick responses, accurate information, reliability and a total understanding of how I envisioned our trip were the most important features I needed from a travel company and Sense of Italy certainly was impressive.
 I traveled to Italy with my two teenage children, so wanted a varied experience given the limited amount of time we could spend in Italy.  Each hotel and location was absolutely perfect and each tour guide and driver was of the absolute highest quality.  Once we were in Italy, Guiliana made sure to check on us daily and make adjustments to our schedule if needed or even made dinner reservations depending on our mood that day!  Have you ever been with a travel company that seemed fine until you actually got to your destination, then they seemed to be impossible to get a hold of?? This was absolutely not the case, as we were even given an "Italian cell phone" so we could call anytime ...and Guiliana always answered!  Again, the level of customer service that this company provided was simply incredible.
The ease of traveling to each destination was certainly a memorable part of our trip.  From the train transfers, to the drivers and guides, to the boat captain, all of this was impeccably coordinated.  That often can be the most worrisome part of a trip, but it actually became something my kids and I looked forward to.   Each of the guides, etc was so very friendly and informative, we felt like we were getting to know the "real" Italy.  In addition, the hotels selected by Guiliana were fantastic....they really met our high expectations!
I really cannot think of anything I would do differently.....it was absolutely perfect. It was magical....
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Karla and Gerald

Ciao Giuliana
I want to express to everyone if you are thinking about visiting another country Italy should be  # 1 on your list and Sense of Italy should be your #1 travel agency.
You will agree after  researching other agencies. From my first e-mail to Guiliana to all of our conversations while in Italy , she always made my husband and I feel like we were her most important clients. I don't know where to begin on how wonderful our trip was.  We started off in Venice then to  Florence to Positano to Rome. Our tour guides, drivers, the accommodations, the food, the wine , molto bene !! Roberta and Paola I feel like we are friends. You're welcome to visit us here in South Carolina.  Roberta in Venice you are a sweet, kinda and beautiful person. Our drivers , Marco in Florence , ( I adore this city) Paola our guide and driver on the Amalfi coast ( the most beautiful place on earth) Claudio in Rome( everyone needs to visit  Rome, you will be amazed) You all made us feel so welcome. We miss all of you and are looking forward to our next trip aboard. Italy of course, maybe a villa this time in Tuscany and day trips to other parts of the country with Giuliana scheduling our drivers and guides. I know she will plan the trip especially to suit our needs and wants.
Grazie! To all of you for making this trip so absolutely wonderful in such a beautiful and historical country.
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Marlene G.

Dear Giuliana,


What can we say?  You did it again!  Our trip was great and made us love Italy even more!

The Hotel  in Santa Margherita was fantastic!  Great accommodations, location, atmosphere and hotel staff.   Can't tell you how much we loved it here.  Almost didn't want to leave.


Thank you for suggesting Bellagio as the place to be on Lake Como.  The Hotel  in Bellagio although a bit difficult to find at first, turned out to be a gem.  The location was perfect and hotel had a wonderful ambiance!  The Lake Como boat tour with Alessandra was wonderful and the lunch was one of the best ever!  We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the day!


The Hotel in Milan was also a wonderful suggestion.  The location and accommodations were great and the hotel staff was congenial and efficient.  Out visit to da Vinci's Last Supper was fascinating.  Sara was a wonderful guide both at this event and the next day for our walking tour.  Although we cut it short, it had nothing to do with her.  We enjoyed everything.  We took one of your restaurant suggestions, Cavabuscion, and were not disappointed.


Giuliana, we can't thank you enough.  Your assistance and suggestions were remarkable.  We appreciate all your help and your patience!


We wish you well and hope you have a wonderful and successful year!


Until our next trip to Italy,

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Christopher D.

Perfecto! Our Italian travel agent was fantastic. Every property, service, and transportation arranged by our agent was first class and she checked-in with us throughout the trip to be sure all was well. She helped us trouble-shoot travel problems caused by flight delays and she made sure we were treated with utmost care throughout our trip.

Each of our four destination spots in Italy were different and memorable. The hotels were impeccable, the private tour guides were full of both knowledge and personality, and the transportation companies were ready and waiting. We visited Florence, Siena (wine country), Rome, and the Amalfi coast, with d

If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently? 

Because of the similarity between Cinque Terre and Amalfi coast, we might skip Cinque Terre and spend that day in Florence, which has lots to explore, rather than take the day trip to Cinque Terre.

The review as posted on Zicasso.com


Please see the review also on the following link:

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Kate R.

I have just returned from my first visit to Italy. I travelled alone, well alone it would have been had it not been for my wise selection of Sense of Italy and Giuliana Pinelli who made it seem as if she was with me every step of the way.
Giuliana's impeccable arrangements were made in consultation with me and based on my desire to see a range of what Italy has to offer and working to a budget, and speaking no Italian (unfortunately).

Giuliana got it 100% right.

She provided a phone for my use although unfortunately for her, I had my own travel sim and she had a few problems getting through to me. Not to be daunted, Giuliana would ring the hotel multiple times on occasions to make sure I'd arrived safely and everything was OK and that I knew my next stage. The hotels selected were all great, transfers were done with precision timing - everyone was on time and no detail was left to chance. The hotels all knew what I was up to and where I needed to be and would even have the wake up call ready to roll!
The various drivers, hotel staff, tour guides were impressive and Giuliana is very discerning in who she engages to assist. Maps, thorough itinerary, tickets, restaurant recommendations, even Chianti - nothing was left out. Takes the worry out of what happens next or what happens if - all works like clockwork. Extremely impressive 5 star service.
The mix of places and activities...the drive along the Amalfi coast with my own driver; the visit to see statue of David in Florence with my own guide; the canal tour in Venice; the Tuscan scenery; did she organize the great weather - it wouldn't surprise me!
Kate R.

Feedback as posted on Zicasso.com
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Tour agency recommendation on tripadvisor.com

We just returned from a two week Italian vacation and absolutely fell in love with the country. A lot responsibility falls on Giuliana from Sense of Italy travel company. She put together an amazing itinerary for us and planned everything.

We wanted a balance between planned activities and free time. We have done the large group tours and decided this time, we didn't want to spend quality time at truck stops, waiting for our new friends to use the facilities and buy souvenirs. But, we wanted the security of having a professional ensure hotel and train reservations, guides, appropriate timing of sites and tours, etc.

Sense of Italy is based in Italy. We found them on zicasso.com. Giuliana and I went back and forth over email quite a few times, honing in on an itinerary that worked for my husband and me (who want to get around and see as much as possible) and my parents (who have more limited mobility and energy). It was perfect.

We traveled independently, but Giuliana checked in on us every few days, making adjustments due to weather, site schedule changes, etc. The guides she chose for our tours were phenomenal. So knowledgeable, personable, and fun. The hotels were very well run, clean, professionally staffed, and centrally located. My parents are raving about their "trip of a lifetime".

I can't say enough about what a wonderful experience we had, and how much I recommend Sense of Italy to anyone who wants to travel independently, yet wants a professional to organize the trip for them.

The review as posted on www.tripadvisor.com


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Kim W.


The review as posted on Zicasso.com
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Mike Mularkey Head coach Jacksonville Jaguar | BOB Bratkowski & Tim Graupman |


 We had a beautiful time and you did a fantastic job for us! The hotels were awesome and the entire trip a beautiful dream . Costa Diva is very, very special!

All the drivers (private transfer) were very helpful-very nice to us and made great suggestions.  We loved Roberta-she was so wonderful-she came on a Saturday morning at 6:30 just to say goodbye to us!!!! She’s as pretty and smart as she is wonderful! And the guy (Chris) was also very nice, knowledgeable and very organized.

It was the most beautiful vacation we’ve ever taken and all of us would love to work with you again. You are very honest and know your beautiful country very well. Italy is a magical place with wonderful people and beautiful art, architecture, food and wine. Everyone treated us so kindly- VIVA ITALY, VIVA ITALIANOS!

Arreviderci and ciao- stay in touch. Say hi to everyone for us.

Mike Mularkey Head coach Jacksonville Jaguar | BOB  Bratkowski & Tim Graupman |

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Kirk B.

This Italy tour operator is "tutto bene!"
We are a fairly well traveled family, but had never been to Italy before. We are a family of 4, with 2 teenagers, and wanted the best trip of our lives before our daughter went to college, and that is exactly what we got. My family would tell you that I have very high standards and expectations when traveling, and I would tell you that this trip was the first where those were all met and exceeded!

Giuliana worked with me to plan our entire trip, and it was exactly as she described. Our accommodations were superb, and our drivers and tour guides were first rate, knowledgeable, polite and entertaining.
We traveled 2 weeks in Florence, Tuscany, Positano and finished in Rome. When we arrived we were greeted by a driver and everything fell into place from there on. We were given a local cell phone, a custom list of recommended restaurants (very important!!) and all of our train tickets.
Every time we arrived at a new destination, Giuliana would call to make sure everything was satisfactory.
The local knowledge was so appreciated. The restaurants were amazing, and we never had a single bad experience.
I have recommended this Italy travel agency to all of my friends and will definitely use them again as we will certainly return to Italy as soon as possible!

We visited the Uffizzi and Academy in Florence (both amazing tours) and drove to Siena and San Gimignano in the Tuscany region for day trips and food. While we dined at many 5 Star restaurants and loved them all, one of our favorite meals, believe it or not, was a small sandwich (panini) shop in Florence. The fresh focaccia bread and salami with eggplant and mozzarella was absolutely out of this world! This type of place was only known by local knowledge and our guide took us right there.
In Positano we toured the Amalfi Coast and had a boat tour to Capri. This whole area was like out of a movie, and personally my favorite part of the trip. Our boat tour included a stop where we anchored and were met by water taxis that took us to a restaurant right on the shore. The atmosphere and food were outstanding!
In Rome we toured the Vatican, the Forum, the Colosseum, the Pantheon and had a wonderful night tour of several places including the Trevi Fountain. Our accommodations were superb and were right next to the Pantheon so we could walk almost everywhere.
And now we miss all the gelato so much!

If I could take our trip again, the only thing I would do differently would be to try to stay longer.

Kirk B.

Feedback as posted on Zicasso.com

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Janet and Bonnie

Dear Giuliana,
We thank you so much for all you did to truly make our Italy trip a "fairy tale come true." That is how I describe our two weeks in Italy to people who ask.

I, also, tell them, "I would never go to Italy without going through you." From the upgrades, surprise lunches, outstanding tour guides, professional drivers to the rooster crowing at dawn at the farmhouse, which took me back to my childhood, how did you do that? You went above and beyond in every way, and we are sincerely grateful.

I know God made us a beautiful world, but I believe he spent a little extra time when he made Italy and Italians.

Hopefully, your days will be just a "one glass of wine" day.
Thank you so much.
Janet and Bonnie

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Pat Y.

If  I could give 10 stars to Sense of Italy and Giuliana, I certainly would! We were 3 couples traveling through Italy with similar but varied requirements and Giuliana came through for all of us. She provided us with exceptional choices and gave wonderful insights and advice when needed. The drivers/guides she employed were courteous, personable, knowledgeable, prompt and very pleasant company. Throughout the planning stage and the entire journey, she was always available and handled every situation to our total satisfaction.

The suggested hotel in Sorrento was Maison la Minervetta. What an absolutely lovely accommodation. We had superb views of the Bay of Naples and the city of Sorrento from all our rooms! The staff was so pleasant and accommodating in fulfilling our requests.

I also have to mention that during our stay, Giuliana became aware of a strike in the area that would interfere with our plans. She notified us quickly and made alternate plans which saved us time and disappointment.

Everything worked out even better than we anticipated thanks to Giuliana's attention to detail and the exceptional expertise she provided to us.

Pat Y.

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Ernest and Friends

We have had sometime to unwind and to get back to normal after our fantastic and memorable trip to Italy. We will forever have many cherished Italy memories-its friendly people, awesome natural and historic sites and the marvelous food and wine. We will share these memories with many friends and relatives over the coming years.
As a group of friends who hadn't travelled together, we were very happy and pleased with our accommodations,in Italy tour and travel arrangements, and how accommodating and friendly the tour guides and drivers were throughout our travels. We simply had to ask and they were more than willing to please and accommodate our wishes.
This wonderful Italy trip experience would not have happened without the meticulous planning and the attention to detail that was provided by
Giulianna- a true professional tour planner. The ability to be able to contact Giuliana via a personal phone was much appreciated.
On behalf of the entire group from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, I would like to thank Sense of Itlay and in particular Giulianna for an amazing trip that we won't soon forget. You prepared a terrific plan and we carried it out - creating many fond and happy memories.
Have a fun evening.
Ernest and Friends
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Saraya M.

Giuliana was absolutely amazing! The service we received far exceeded my expectations. We interviewed three agents from Zicasso. From our first conversation with Giuliana, she "GOT IT" - exactly what I was looking for. She planned a month long trip to Italy for my family, including accommodations, transportation, private excursions and three cooking classes. All the people who were hired by her were top notch.
We loved our drivers, particularly Giovanni in Amalfi and Lorenzo in Rome. Our Tour guides were so knowledgeable and kid friendly. But after all is said and done... Giuliana is the one I miss the most. I miss our daily check-ins and being able to call her any time we needed anything from a reservation to directions. She provided us with a cell phone and internet card so we were always connected and she was just a phone call away. We felt so lucky to have found Sense of Italy through Zicasso. We highly recommend her for Italy and Zicasso as a great resource for travel around the world.
The two most memorable parts of our trip were in Amalfi. The 1st was an amazing boat tour of the coast and Capri, where we got to swim in the green grotto and the other was the cooking class at Mama Agata's in Rovello. If you asked my kids, they would tell you about the Cave exploration we did in Tuscany and the luxurious beach day we spent in Forte di Marmi. I really can't pick just one!

Saraya M.

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Rebecca R.

We were planning our honeymoon, our first trip to Europe, and what we considered to be a "trip of a lifetime" so we wanted to work with an expert travel specialist that was actually located in Italy. Choosing Guiliana and her team at Sense of Italy was the absolute best choice for us and we would definitely make them our first choice when we return to Italy again in the future!!! Guiliana and her team were an absolute pleasure to work with and made our honeymoon a memory we will never forget.

At the start of planning this trip, Guiliana spent time with us over the phone to ensure that she was aligned with what we were wanting out of our trip and to gain an understanding of our interests and budget. She stayed connected with us every step of the way by keeping us updated of the trip planning process and also responding very promptly to every question we emailed her. This gave us piece of mind that we had made an excellent choice to utilize this special travel agency for our travel needs.

In addition, while on our trip in Italy, Guiliana was available 24/7. She made us aware of how to reach her with any questions and also checked in with us throughout the trip to ensure that Sense of Italy was meeting our expectations and needs. Having her and her team "at our service" gave us peace of mind traveling in a country that we had never been in before. She cared as much about our trip as we did!!!

* Our hotels in Rome, Tuscany, and Venice were incredible and Guiliana met our personal needs & requests at 100%.
* We had the most wonderful tour guides throughout our trip. In particular, Chiara in Rome and Roberta in Venice had absolutely charming personalities. Their love for their city and the knowledge they had for the areas they guided us through was incredible and they made our visit to these cities something we will never forget.
* The Private tour of Ancient Rome, the Colosseum, the Vatican, and the Sistine Chapel are a must for anyone visiting Rome for the first time.
* We did a day trip to Florence and while there was a lot to cover in a short amount of time, it was well worth the visit and the busy day we had. This is another incredible city that everyone must see!
* A visit to Murano (one of the islands of Venice) is a must. Having the ability to see the glass makers at work and to understand the history of glass making was a true highlight.
* A big thank you to our driver in Rome, Simone. His pleasant smile and personality was the first to greet us when we landed in Italy. In addition, he went out of his way to ensure we got to our train for Florence in time, after my husband and I accidentally overslept.
* The food was terrific. We had identified some recommendations from friends on places we wanted to visit and Sense of Italy provided us with a great list of restaurants, as well.

The trip was absolutely perfect and we would not change a thing!

Rebecca R. 

The Feedback as posted on Zicasso.com


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Carol M.

Guiliana, my Italy agent was spectacular!! My private guides were smart, funny, and extremely knowledgeable. The hotels close to major sites.

In Rome we were 2 blocks from the Collseo, in Florence directly on the Piazza de Signora. She tracked our progress through Italy and even sent a cell phone so that if any problems occured,we could always reach each other. I never expected such personalized care. I have raved about her since I returned from Italy!
Carol M.

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Ken B.

The trip was fantastic! A year in planning - it required coordinating four couples from three locations around the globe, and I don't think we could have asked for it to go smoother.
The 15th century villa was incredible, Tuscany was picturesque at every turn, and Rome continues to offer more than any one person (or group of people) can take in. Giuliana (with Sense of Italy) saw to every need from the moment we landed in Pisa - which was an unexpected detour due to weather. It was remarkable how attentive she was every step of the way - checking in almost daily to make sure things were going smoothly. Everyone was extremely impressed. Our biggest disappointment was that we were not able to meet her in person.

With so many people, each person's experience is a little different, so I asked the group individually, and summarized some excerpts from each.

a) The cooking lesson was so much more than I thought it would be as we actually got to prepare everything - not just watch her do it.

b) Almost all of Tuscany. It was just beautiful countrysides and time spent with family. The cooking class was phenomenal, all hands on.

c) The tour guides and drivers were excellent! Incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.

d) Everything went so smooth, which was critical since we were coming from all over.

e) On the first day, driving up and seeing the amazing Tuscan countryside and a beautiful villa off in the distance - only to discover that it was *our* villa!

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Jessica H.

Giuliana Pinelli from Sense of Italy worked with us (me and five others) to plan a custom trip of a longtime. We had very specific requests in dates, times, places and accommodations. Giuliana met every single request and then some.
We all were thrilled and enjoyed our 10 days in Italy. We went to visit my daughter who was studying in Florence and were able to incorporate her into our travel plans. Our accommodations were fantastic, tours and drivers all first class!
Our tours in Rome were incredible. We received VIP treatment where ever we went. Our tour guide enhanced our experience and met our every need-two elderly, two 40 somethings and my twenty year old daughter. Florence was equally enjoyable and fun, met up with the rest of our group there. We took a tour to a vineyard for a tasting and meal and visited some other Tuscan cities-all loved this experience. Also we loved our private boat tour in Venice.
Loved our trip and so greatly appreciated all of Giuliana's planning and attention to detail.
The review as posted on www.zicasso.com
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Joey Pang

The trip was simply wonderful! My family and I (7 of us) greatly enjoyed all the places we were showed. We started the trip in Florence, went down to Naples and ended in Rome. Prior to the trip, our travel agent, Giuliana from this Italy tour company, was prompt in her replies and provided us with useful suggestions on the places to go. We greatly enjoyed crafting the itinerary together. Giuliana was extremely patient and understanding when it came to changing of plans (2 seniors were travelling with us and some parts of the tour had to be customised to meet their needs). The various local agents Giuliana had arranged for us were thorough in their explanation and truly experts in their field!

Giuliana and her guides made arrangements for us to be on the "Skip the Line" list everywhere we went. This was truly a great relief as we could see the never ending queues for the purchase of tickets even before we reached the attractions (be it the Uffizi Gallery in Florence or Colosseum in Rome). If not for this, we might have to queue for 2 hours before we even step foot into attractions.

The most memorable visit of the entire trip was visiting the Colosseum in Rome. At the Colosseum, special arrangements for made for us to see the "backstage" of the Colosseum. This was not open to the public and you can only imagine how privileged we felt to be seeing thousands of years of history and having the place all to ourselves! We felt like stars that day as other travelers wondered how they could also get to where we were.

To save some money, I had requested that the travel agent to book us on 2nd class trains in between the cities. The next time I go, I wouldn't save that money and would just follow the travel agent's suggestion to sit in the 1st class cabins. This is because the trains in Italy only pull into the stations 10 minutes before departure. Also, the first class cabins were located nearer the front of the train. You can imagine the rush when we only have 10 mins to run to our 2nd class cabins with our luggage (which takes at least 3 - 5 minutes to get to if you are running/ walking fairly quickly) then using the remaining 5 minutes to make sure everyone (including the old folks who are lagging behind) is on board and the luggage are stowed properly (there is not much space on the train for luggage and you'll have to fight for space).

Review as posted on www..zicasso.com


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Sharon and Tom

Salve Giulianna,
  We have now been at home for a week , and things have been very busy .
We would like to thank you for organizing such a wonderful trip. - - for us , it was really 2 trips in one.
We loved Tuscany and Rome ,saw so many beautiful places and learned so many things. Our guides were fantastic - -   very knowledgeable and very interesting !
We felt very safe with Alexandro behind the wheel ,also with Lorenzo.The drivers were very accommodating.
The villa was beautiful  and very comfortable - -  the only downside ,  was we did not spend enough time in such a beautiful place.
I was so happy ,  we got to see Pompei - that was such a bonus !
Then there was Positano ! The hotel was perfect and in the most perfect spot. We would sit on our balcony and watch the boats and the people.
The staff - very friendly and helpful.We could not have asked for better weather and went swimming in the pool or ocean almost every day.
When we went for our trip to Capri , I felt like the richest person on earth  - -  of course - - - not on Capri -  but for sure on the boat.
Tom had wanted to cancel our trip to Napoli, ( he was enjoying relaxing around Positano too much.) - But we are so glad we went.
He enjoyed it more then any of the other excursions.Our guide , Fiorella was just fantastic and showed us the wonderful flavor of Napolian culture.
- also, of course  very knowledgeable about history and sites. ( if you ever happen to contact her - tell her I did not end up with any of the purses -each of my daughters took one. - but they were very excited about them !)
Paulo ,  our driver showed us a more  ?? modern/wealthier Napoli .
If anyone were to ask,  any of us  ,we would certainly recommend you as a travel consultant. You gave us a fantastic trip and so many of our other friends  are asking us to go with them in a few years.
SO , I am sure our paths will cross again soon.
Thank you once again.
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Larry and Karen S

   We are presently back home in New Jersey.  We had a good flight home and now have to deal with lots of laundry and mail but, most importantly, we can now enjoy our great memories of Italy.

   Where to begin?  We will never forget our wonderful trip to Italy.  Although we have hundreds of pictures, they do not do justice to your fabulous country...the people, the food, the country itself are just amazing!  
When we began planning this trip with the Germans and Yatczyns almost two years ago, we had a good idea of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see.  The most difficult part was how to do this in the most organized way.  We were so fortunate to locate Sense of Italy and even luckier to be working with you, Giuliana.  Your suggestions and advice were so important to making our trip a success.  Your patience with us as we made numerable changes was always met with kindness and understanding.  Your ideas were all so very helpful in planning this three and a half week trip.

    Your recommended private tours were fabulous, also.  Each of our tour guides was so friendly and knowledgeable.  Victorio, Guiseppe, and Raphaello (please excuse the spellings) made each of our trips even more memorable. They were all so caring and truly wanted us to see and enjoy everything while making each trip very personable.  Although our trip to Herculaneum did not work out due to a strike, Guiseppe was so good about getting us to Naples and making sure we were all safely on the correct boat.  All of you are very special people who are truly appreciated.

    Thank you once again for all your hard work, Giuliana.  We will be sure to recommend the Sense of Italy to any friends who want to see Italy in a very special way.

Best regards,
Larry and Karen S
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Edward L.

Giuliana of this Italy travel company guided us every step of the way and created one of our most memorable vacations. The most impressive thing at the outset was how quickly she responded to our initial inquiry.

We had never been to Italy, had not done a great deal of research, and had only a general idea of what we wanted beyond the dates (mid-May) and the cities we wanted to visit (Florence and Rome). Within a day, Giuliana submitted a detailed proposed itinerary based on a recent client request similar to ours. The proposal included various options that provided a great starting point for further discussion. She asked many questions, including our hotel preferences (small boutique, high-rise, how many stars, etc.) and suggested a number of venues that would expose us to Italy’s remarkable history and culture. The result was a vacation specifically suited to our personal tastes and interests.

We spent four days in Florence and three in Rome. In Florence, we stayed at the Hotel Lungarno on the Arno River, a lovely small hotel in the heart of the city within walking distance to everything of interest, including the Uffizi and Academy museums, and the famous Duomo. It rained two nights, but we didn’t have far to go for a great dinner. The hotel restaurant was superb. One of the highlights of the Florence leg of the trip was a day tour of the Tuscany wine region that included a stopover in the historic town of Siena. We had lunch at the Osteria di Passignano, a restaurant at the Antinori vineyards where we were treated to a four course lunch and wine tasting and a tour of the winery. Fabulous.

In Rome, we stayed at the Hotel Saint George. Another small, well appointed, boutique hotel, centrally located near the Tiber River, it provided access to all the essential venues, including the Vatican, Coliseum, Spanish Steps, etc. As in Florence, everything was in walking distance, including fine dining restaurants, pizzerias, espresso bars, and gelateria—and lots of places to shop. The hotel was comfortable, attractive, with a friendly and efficient staff, but we would not recommend the hotel restaurant. It was nice enough (although too brightly lit) but was virtually empty the night we were there and the food was just O.K. That wasn’t Giuliana’s fault since the hotel restaurant was not on her recommended list. We were just tired (it was our first night) and thought we’d give it a try. The hotel concierge made up for it, however, by recommending two great nearby restaurants for the remaining two nights. Neither was on Guiliana’s list, but they were terrific.

A word about the logistical aspects of the trip: we viewed this as critical to the success of a customized tour with multiple venues and connections. We couldn’t have been more pleased. On arriving at Rome’s Fiumicino Airport, we were greeted by Aldo who drove us to the high-speed train to Florence. After sharing an espresso with us in the station café, he made sure we got on the right train, helped us with our bags, and took us to our seats. Similar service greeted us at every connection point during the trip. Our personal tour guides, Enza (Florence), Andrea (Tuscany), and Sylvia (Rome), were exceptionally knowledgeable, personable, and fluent in English. Giuliana telephoned us at several points during the trip to confirm that we had arrived at our destination, that the drivers were on time, and that the accommodations met our expectations. Very reassuring to know she was keeping such close tabs on things. In short, all elements of transportation and personal service were impeccable.

Would we visit Italy again? Without doubt. The trip simply whetted our appetites. Would we use this company? We wouldn’t consider any other service. Next time, however, we’ll make more of an effort to visit the restaurants recommended by Giuliana.

Edward L.

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Stephanie H.

You can't go wrong working with Giuliana and this Italy Tour Company. She really helped us plan the type of trip we wanted and was there to assist us anytime we needed her.

This was not the typical trip to Italy, we had an amazing experience and couldn't have done it without her. Our tour guides were really the best, they made what we saw exciting for kids and the parents.

We loved Rome and were really impressed with the Vatican. Giuliana had the kids participate in mask making in Venice and that was one of the highlights of the trip for them.

Stephanie H.

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Nick A.

We had never travelled to Italy before we contacted Zicasso & we are so lucky that Giuliana from Sense of Italy was able to answer all our questions. We spoke to Giuliana over the phone and exchanged many emails with her, as she went to every effort to work within our budget. We honestly could not have received better service, everything was taken care of.

 We were welcomed in Italy with a large document full of suggested attractions, resturants and all our tour tickets - plus a mobile phone!! Guiliana was always only a phone call away and was very accommodating, what a lovely lady she is.
I would recommend Sense of Italy to all my family & friends, for stress free travel with an expert agent. Thank you so very much Guiliana for making our holiday amazing!!

The most enjoyable part of our trip was not having to worry about what we were going to do next, as it was all planned out for us. The pace of the trip was perfect, a balance of tours and relaxation. Italy is a varied and beautiful country and we are so glad we got to see it.

I wouldn't change a thing! All the hotels offered great service and were of a high quality. We did everything we planned to do and more, eating and drinking our way across Italy.

Nick A.

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Sharee and Dick J.


   We have just returned, not even 48 hours ago, from the absolutely wonderful trip to Italy that you arranged for Alisa, Tony, my husband, Dick, and me. 

From the timely and efficient drivers, to the well located and comfortable hotels, to the well versed and enthusiastic guides who provided us with so much history and insight to the beautiful cities and villages of

Italy, we were in total awe of this beautiful country.  Your frequent checking in with Alisa and Tony showed us that you were totally involved in making this the memorable experience we hoped for and received.

Thank you for such a beautiful experience.

Sharee and Dick Johnson

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Telos L.

It was the first time I would travel with a company I found on the internet, and to a totally unknown place. Honestly, at first I was a little worried, but the moment I arrived at the airport I was relieved, because the driver that picked us up was very friendly and professional.

Throughout the whole trip, I had to worry about nothing, because Giuliana had everything planned out and worked out exactly the way it should. Giuliana is perhaps the kindest person I have talked to in Italy, and she will do everything to make what we want happen. I highly recommend this Italy Tour Operator for those who have Italy as their trip destination.

The guides that helped us throughout the trip definately made our best memories. All of them were very professional, friendly, kind and they spoke various languages, something that made the travel experience even better since my wife is japanese and I'm more familiar with english. I guess people are the ones that make our travel experiences so much more memorable.

What I would do differently is to know exactly what I want before the trip. Giuliana arranged everything according to what I had said to her about what I wanted, but I actually didn't know what was the most important thing for me. To know what you really want to do in your trip will make your trip even better. For instance, if you want a culinary experience, or wine tasting, or historical, and you are not fond of shopping or museums, you should do much more of what you like and a little bit of what you do not like. It seems very obvious but it actually isn't. You think that to do a little bit of everything is ok, but there will be something that will not please you as much and the time lost doing it will seem to be very precious later.
Telos L.

Feedback as posted on Zicasso.com
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Nicole A.

We had an absolutely amazing trip, all thanks to Giuliana and Sense of Italy! Sense of Italy was by far the most attentive travel agency we have ever dealt with.
There was no detail that was not accounted for, nor any problem with the trip itself. If we wanted anything changed, Giuliana was able to take care of it quickly. She even thought of details we would have never imagined, which ended up being fabulous. If you are looking for a great agency, look no further, Sense of Italy is the best! The next time we travel to Italy we will use them again, and I have already recommended them to some colleagues.
One of the most enjoyable parts of our trip were the two different wineries we toured. We had private tours and private lunches on the wineries, one in Tuscany and the other in the Amalfi coast. Another stand out was the cooking class we had in Ravello, by far a memorable and amazing experience!
The only thing we would do different is perhaps space out the longer walking tours so we were not too tired each day. The only reason this was a problem was because my mother broke her foot right before our trip, so we had to take everything rather slow. To that end, Giuliana went out of her way to ensure that all of our tour guides were aware of her problem, and we turned out to still have a wonderful time!
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Edward and Anna

Dear Giuliana,

We just wanted to express again our appreciation for all you did to make our vacation in Florence, Tuscany, and Rome so special. Everything was perfect.
The hotels, the transportation services, and especially your wonderful tour guides, Enza, Sylvia, and Andreo. They brought everything to life for us with their knowledge and their passion for Italy's great history and culture. We can't wait to return to see more of your beautiful country.

We hope you have a busy and successful tourist season. Of course, we will tell all of our friends who may be considering a trip to Italy, to look no further than Sense of Italy.

All the best,

Edward and Anna

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Angela A.

Our Italy travel agent and her travel company were a true pleasure to work with. Everything was well organized and practically effortless.
Giuliana was continually in contact with us trying to make sure we had the best possible experience. We had to cancel our scheduled trip to the Aeolian Islands due to weather but she tried everything in her power to get us a different date or time that would work. I love that they gave us a free phone on our arrival so that we could be in contact with them whenever necessary. The Grand Hotel Timeo that they booked for us in Taormina was simply breathtaking. We did have to adjust our room because the view wasn't what we expected, however, our stay and the service there was exceptional. I left the phone in the envelope in the room at the end of the trip and we alerted the driver when he dropped us off at the airport. A half hour later when I called the hotel, they had already collected the phone and been in contact with the driver who was going to pick it up - everything was made simple and easy. Our driver arrived to take us to Taormina a little early on the day of our departure but he was very gracious about waiting for awhile while we spent the last half hour with our family and said our long goodby

Feedback also posted on Zicasso.com
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Alisa J.

Dear Giuliana,

On behalf of my parents, husband, and me, I want to send my sincere and overwhelming gratitude for such a wonderful trip.

 We are so pleased with how it all transpired. My parents referred to it as their "trip of a lifetime" and "unforgettable". I am so happy, the pace of the trip was perfect. The hotels were very clean and perfectly located with lovely staff. Your restaurant recommendations were helpful too! The reservations for all of the sites and locations were so very helpful. Everything went so smoothly, because of you!

We also sincerely appreciated your regular phone calls to see how we were doing and provide updates on our itinerary.

You have been so kind and generous, we hope to work with you again! My husband and I would like to plan an island tour - Sicily, Malta, Sardinia, etc. - perhaps in a year or two. If you can help plan that for us, we would love to work with you again!

Again, I sincerely appreciate all you did for our trip, and especially your kindness and thoughtfulness.



Feedback also posted on Zicasso.com

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Anne A.

Ciao Giuliana!

I hope you are well.  It is hard to believe that we have now been home from our wonderful Italian holiday for more than 3 weeks.  Santo and I had the most amazing time and share many fantastic memories from every location.  We have been asked which location was our favourite but how do you separate Positano from Venice, Rome or Cinque Terra? Every place we visited was even more wonderful than what I had hoped.

I would like to thank you for your support with our travels - especially the way with which you managed our change of plans with what seemed to us like ease.  Having a driver waiting to assist with our transfer to hotels or to the train for the next journey was of great benefit to us and the drivers were polite and considerate.   We can't speak highly enough of your travel plans and service and we recommend Sense of Italy to everyone.

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Alina C


Julie H.

The trip was wonderful. Giulianna took the time to understand what my husband and I were looking for and then put together an itinerary that exceeded our expectations.

We loved all of Italy. The most enjoyable was the monastery on the Chianti Road that we made a home base from for 3 days. The food, the wine and the beautiful landscape in Tuscany were spectacular.

Feedback also posted on Zicasso.com


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Lawrence F.

Guiliana of this Italian travel agency did a magnificent job of selecting locations and hotels, and had generally excellent restaurant suggestions. She was hugely responsive, helping us make last minute changes, and available to help each day via email and phone (when we needed her)
What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?
Lake Como, Lake Garda, and Val Gardena in the Dolomites were the most memorable; all parts of the trip were enjoyable
If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently?
bring a GPS. none were available to rent, and driving was tricky.

Feedback also posted on Zicasso.com
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Catherine & Demetri.

Ciao Giuliana, our Honeymoon in Italy was exactly as we have dreamed.

The Hotels that you have chosen for us were the best, your tour guides are really amazing. The list of your restaurants were the BEST! We really thank you Giuliana.

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Jane, Dick and Katherine.

Dear Giuliana,
I wish to thank you so very much for the wonderful itinerary you planned for our vacation in Italy.  We are saddened to have left Italy to return home.
My family and I enjoyed every city and village, but most important, our hearts were truly moved by the people we were fortunate to meet.  Domenico was delightful, excited to show us his beautiful city of Roma, and we were so happy to see him again in Siena for the drive back to Roma!  Our guide in Pompeii, Rosemary, was a wealth of information, as was Enza, our guide in Firenze.  Pier Paulo was the perfect guide with whom to spend the day  as we toured the Amalfi coast.  He was interesting, kind, humorous, and we felt as though we had known him all our lives!  David was outstanding as our guide through Tuscany, including Villamaggio.  We so enjoyed touring the countryside with him, and we were very grateful for his kindness, warmth and his willingness to show us, with true passion,  the most beautiful parts of the region.   You have assembled the most wonderful team to work with you, and we feel privileged to have met all of these special people.   
I To my surprise, my husband Dick enjoyed Italy so much that he is already talking about when we could return for another visit.  This is a miracle!!!!!
Also, I mentioned to you that Carmine (our driver from Napoli to Sorrento) told us that he will be coming to the USA to visit his aunt and uncle for a few months during the winter. He will be in Newburyport, Massachusetts which is a 30-minute drive from our home.  Please feel free to give him our phone number . We would be very happy to invite him and his aunt and uncle for dinner one evening if they would like to come.
I hope you enjoy a few photos I have attached.  There are two pictures of Pier Paulo with my daughter and me, and one with David, as well.
Again, many thanks for planning such a memorable vacation for us.  I wish we had met while we were in Rome!
With heartfelt thanks,

Jane, Dick and Katherine Darveau

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Marti B.

Ciao Giuliana,

Composing a sense of feedback is a delight.
From the recomemdation from a friend, to an email, to a phone call, the most fabulous Italian family vacation was created!
Our interests and needs were expressed and were heard. Working with you to tailor not just a family vacation but"our family" vacation was a journey unto itself.

It being our first time to Italy we needed guidance. Out itinerary was just as it was outlined in the complete booklet that was provided to assist us with our trip. The private drivers navigating through the narrow and crowded streets made us feel safe as well as grateful! Much was to be seen from the comfortable vans we toured from hotel to museums. The drivers timing was never off! Very pleasant and helpful each and every time.

Our tour guides were not only historians but humorists as well. Mixing their great knowledge along with a bit of humor on long excursions was appreciated. I am sure that there was not one question that we could have asked that they would not have had and a very detailed answer to.

Florence, Rome, Tuscany and the beautiful Amalfi coast were our destinations. They were all great choices, I felt that we saw all the highlights in each place.

I have already recommended Sense of Italy to two friend of us!

What countries did you visit?
Your overall comments on the trip and the travel company:
Italy, WOW! This was a wonderful trip planned by a knowledgable professional travel agent. The thorough planning was evident in the fabulous hotels, spectacular tours and comfortable, efficient and timely transportation.  There were so many sights to see but our travel agent helped us to focus on our "must see" locations and how to see and enjoy them to the max.  Our travel agent was attentive to our input in all areas and made this a trip of a lifetime for us.  I think it can be summed up by saying that we would do it again in a heartbeat and would definitely choose the travel agent. Grazie Mille to our Italy tour company!

What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?
#1* The food, the food and the food!  #2*. The wine, the wine.  We loved our full day tour of Ancient Rome.  Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining!  Our driver in Rome was so welcoming, always on time, and very professional!  Our lunch in Positano was unbelievably fabulous. The food was the best and the view spectacular. The truffle hunt near Lucca was great fun. Our guide was terrific and Giotto the truffle dog was very skilled at his job!  The lunch provided afterwards featuring all their truffle products was delicious. Ah Venezia, everything we hoped for and more!  Thank you to our guide. You took great care of us in your city.
Overall Comments about Zicasso:
Your service and travel professionals are excellent.
If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently?
More time in Rome, Positano, and Venice.  More free time to wander on our own.  We requested and thoroughly enjoyed all the tours scheduled for us, but really wished we had scheduled more free time.

Please see the review also on the following link:


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Our travel agent was wonderful and attentive -- she was incredibly accommodating and willing to help us plan a trip that was unique to our family. My husband and three kids wanted to spend 12 days in Italy, but didn't want to spend the entire time sightseeing as we wanted it to be a vacation as well. This is tough in Italy where there is so much to see - but we were able to craft an itinerary that left enough time in the schedule to have relaxing time as well.
During the planning of our trip she listened well and helped us determine the right chronology of our trip, and rearranged the itinerary several times to accommodate different flight schedules from the US. We had one hiccup on the hotel booking where we thought a hotel had been reserved and unfortunately it had not, and we lost the rooms. But, our travel agent made up for it by finding another hotel in a very-crowded Positano and also picking up the cost of one of our dinners during the trip.
The drivers and tour guides that the travel company selected were so pleasant and helpful (Private tours included Ancient Rome, the Vatican, Chianti region in Tuscany, Florence, Pisa, Pompeii, and Paestem). All spoke good English. They obviously work with the travel company a lot and understand the level of services they want clients to receive.
We worked closely with our travel agent to select the hotels and they were all lovely. We had a couple of trip-ups in restaurants she recommended not being open during the August holidays. We probably should have double checked this before trekking across the city.
Overall the trip was wonderful and the planning and organization was top notch. We never really had to think of anything except picking where and when we would find our next meal!
What were the most enjoyable or memorable parts of your trip?
We loved our stay in Tuscany. The Hotel Fonte de Medici was beautiful, and low key. We had our own villa that gave us the feel of being alone, but the benefits of being at a hotel. The pool was lovely, the restaurant and cooking class superb. they were welcoming to the children. I would certainly go back.
We also loved our day trip by boat to Capri -- a great way to end the vacation.

Please see the review also on the following link:


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Maria & Ronaldo A.

Hello there, we will recommend you without hesitation to all our friends that want to visit Italy.
We had the best vacation of our life! Maria & Ronaldo  from Madrid. Spain.
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Kate H.

Amazing trip, Giuliana was unbelievably attentive to everything we asked for. She recommended wonderful tours and excursions for everyone in our family.

Everything was memorable but my favorite thing was probably the excellent tour of the Coliseum in Rome.

If you could take your trip again, what would you do differently?
Nothing. It was perfect.

The review as posted on Zicasso.com


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Paige M.

Everything you have planned for us  was just perfect....
I am recommending you to all my friends planning to visit your beautiful country!...
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Terence & Shirley J.

We just wanted to email and say thanks you as we had a perfect Honeymoon in Italy, everything was just PERFECT
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Robert and Mary B.

The trip that  your company created it was a spectacular trip for us that really  exceeded our expectations.

Our hotels were wonderful, the amount of time spent in each area was perfect for us and  the guides were amazing... Thank you very much!

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Cesar H.

Giuliana, we really want to thank you for the great job that you have done for us.
Everyone was really happy and everything was just perfect. Thank you so very much. University of Zaragoza. Spain.
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Mike & Paul. ENGLAND

Me and my friends had a great few days in Rome! Thank you very much for your prompt professional help and thoughts as we organised.

Although we didn’t speak much Italian and Mrs Daniela little English, Mrs Daniela was lovely and very helpful in explaining the apartment. And the apartment was wonderful, just right for our few days! Fabulous venue and city and we will all recommend Sense of Italy to our friends and family.

Hope to visit your lovely country again soon,

All best wishes and thanks again,  ENGLAND

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Jesús y Rosy From Spain

Hello Giulianna

the first say you that my english is very bad. Excuse me.

I want give to thank you attention whit us.

The travel has been unforgettable.

Everything has been perfect, the room of Hotel, the attention in the hotel, the excursions, the people from Italy, the atmosphere,etc...

The visit of Firence was perfect whit Paola, thoughtful, nice, etc...very very well. Firence is very beautiful.

Roma like us very much. Some day will go other since.

Thank you very much by all.

We have feel very, very at ease.


With best wishes

Jesús y Rosy From Spain

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Amelia and Ricardo

Dear Giuliana,


First of all, we would like to say that we are very grateful to you for your interest and care.

We have really enjoyed our days in Rome, specially my mother because this trip was one of her dreams. We can have a mention about the very good work of Daniela, professional, very nice and affectionate with us. The hotel was comfortable and very well situated, only that the rooms were small… But the rest has been fantastic (one of the doorman, by nights, specially nice) and the drivers were very punctual and cars fantastic.


As well, we enjoyed all the restaurants that you have recommended us, the food was delicious and the places very nice, we have desired more days to taste all the specialities!


We are sure that we are going to contact to you in the future when we come back.

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Anthony and Marilyn

Marilyn and I want to wish you and your family a Happy and Joyous Christmas and a wonderful New Year.

We want to thank you again for the wonderful trip that you planned for our time in Italy.

Buon Natale a tutti.

"Con migliori saluti."

Anthony and Marilyn

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Roland B.

I just wanted to let you know my family and I had an excellent time in Italy.

You did a great job in setting this trip up. The accommodations were perfect. All the guides were great. Silvia' was wonderful..  I will recommend your company to all my friends.

Roland B.

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Sarah G.

Thank you again for our wonderful vacation in Italy.

. I will be recommending and praising you to anyone planning on going to Italy. We are sad that our vacation is over but are grateful for the many memories that you helped create.


Thank you again and I hope to be able to pass your name on to others.


Sarah G, CA

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Katharine and Howard P.

Hi Giuliana

We are so grateful for your help in creating the perfect Honeymoon.

The entire trip was wonderful! And we would like to offer you an enthusiastic testimonial by phone or email if you would ever like to add to your long list of happy customers. We have been bragging about you to everyone.

Thank you for everything, Giuliana. You are a wonderful person. We really appreciate you.


Kind regards

Katharine and Howard P.

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Donna G. USA

We want  to thank you and your team for  the best trip I have ever had.

Your guide Emyliano (I hope I have spelt it correctly) was fabulous, and the drivers were amazing. We all felt totally spoilt and looked after, I could not have been happier!)

Thanks again, and I will be for sure telling everyone about your fantastic service!

Many Many Thanks. Donna G. USA                                                   
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Hilary H.

Hi Giuliana


Sorry for not replying before now. The organisation that you did for us was great.

We particularly liked our guides in Pompei and our driver Umberto!

The hotel in Sorrento was fabulous. The restaurant was great and the cooking course was very special. We came home with lots of ideas and recipes, we really did enjoy our trip. Thank you for your help and also for keeping in touch while we were in Italy.

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This was a very memorable trip.

.  Everything was well coordinated. Our tour guide ( Enza ) was excellent, I would definitely recommend this trip and our guide.

Miryam. France. 4 July 2007
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Carolyn B.

You have organized for us an amazing tour... It was really perfect! Thank you!

It was so nice to have someone else make all the arrangements and book the best hotels for us... Giuliana put together a dream itinerary.

Carolyn B. 15 June 2006
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Margaret G.

Thank you so much for everything you did to make our trip so wonderful!

Everything was just fine. Our transfers were perfect, the hotels were so beautiful  clean and well-situated. The tours were just perfect.. We had a wonderful time. I truly think it was about the best trip we have ever taken and we have been on a few.  Thank you, again.

Margaret G.

Boston,  May 2006

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Charles and Merideth

Merideth and I had a wonderful honeymoon.

Your suggestions were perfect and you were right, Capri was to die for and the yacht at night was so romantic:)

Charles and Merideth. April 30, 2005

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Peter T.

I can't believe you live in a country so blessed with weather, food, wine and so much history!

Thanks for all your work. Brilliant!

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Beatrice and Donald B.

Incredible tour. Thank you for make our trip so wonderful.

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Aline K.

My husband and I had a fantastic time with your tour.

Beautiful scenery, great wineries and a delicious meals. Our guide Maria Antonietta was charming, engaging, and very knowledgeable. We will definitely recommend you to anyone to book a tour with your company. Thanks for a great tour!

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Emily B.

The hotels we stayed at were all top-notch, and the meals provided were fantastic...
Overall, I believe the price of the tour was slightly higher than other ones I came across. However, I am a firm believer of the phrase "you get what you paid for." And what I paid for was excellent service and a wonderful travel experience. In fact, this experience has completely changed my opinion about tours. I will definitely call Sense Of Italy  the next time I consider another trip to Italy. Emily B
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Margaret and Thomas M.

I want to start by saying “Thank you” for all of your hard work on organizing our holiday in Italy...
Everything was absolutely wonderful and made a very memorable vacation. You recommended the perfect hotels for our needs and the guided tours were fabulous! We were so happy that we did not go with the group tours as we learned so much more with our private guides. Our vacation was so much more than we ever dreamed it would be because of your help and itinerary.
   Margaret and Thomas  M.         
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Sophia & Trevor B.

We want to thank you for planning a wonderful trip for us.
This is our second visit to Italy that you have planned  for us and you did an amazing job! We can’t believe that for two whole weeks nothing went wrong. All of our guides, drivers and assistants were very professional, courteous & very professional. We wish you all the best to your and your  fantastic team.
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