Meet our team

Our company is based in Rome, Italy and was founded in 2002 with the goal to provide first class service and the most inspirational travel experience to discovering the landscapes, art, and lifestyle of Italy. We enjoy an impeccable, long-standing reputation and are highly recognized by leaders of the tourism industry in Italy, we also take tremendous pride in providing the highest quality tour products in the marketplace.

If you are looking to experience a Top – Notched | once-in-a-lifetime Italian holiday or seeking a luxury vacation to Italy, Sense of Italy has something special just for you. You are invited to discover the “Real Italian Lifestyle” through the food, wine and the warm welcome of the Italian people, you will experience Italy in the way Italians do, we will create the freedom of discovering all those out of the way places that few tourists ever enjoy… …already feel like a local and Benvenuto in Italia!


Giuliana Pinelli - Founder & CEO

The founder & CEO Giuliana Pinelli, offers years of experience in Tourism and a profound knowledge of the Italian Industry. Having graduated from a reputable specialist college in Milan she went on to gain an excellent reputation world wide in the field of hospitality and tourism. After several years of professional experience working in one of Italy's most famous resorts as the Customer Service Manager, she decided to develop her career further by moving to Canada and undertaking a Masters degree in Marketing and Tourism at the University of British Colombia.

She has been lucky enough to acquire extensive experience within the field but also within different cultures and traditions in Tourism. It is now with great pride that she has been able to return to Italy and develop an agency specializing in first class, exclusive travel experiences in Italy. We are the right company for you to enjoy your fully organised tour of italy.


Giusy Sasso - Italian Experience Director

Rory Bellasario - Reservation Manager

Emanuela Fossati - Italian Experience Assistance

Giacomo - Public Relations Manager